“K11 Artist Klub”is a service offered by K11 Loyalty Program Limited to members of K11 Artist Klub (the “Members”).

2. Rules

    All Members must agree to be bound by K11Artist Klub Rules, which may be amended by K11 Loyalty Program Limited fromtime to time without any prior notice.

3. Types of Members

    There shall be three types of Members, as follows:

(A)  Individual:                                                                                        No annual fee

(B)  Individual (from creative industrty, students and other):        HKD 300 annual fee

(C)  Family (2 adults and 2 kid):                                                          HKD 500 annual fee

    K11 Loyalty Program Limited may amend theannual fee payable from time to time as it may think fit.  

4. Benefits

    K11 Loyalty Program Limited may offer anybenefits, privileges or services to Members (including different benefits,privileges or services to different types of Members)as it may think fit from time to time.

5. Termination of Membership

    K11 Loyalty Program Limited may terminate themembership of any Members at any time without prior notice. Members mayterminate his or her membership at any time by written notice to K11 Loyalty Program Limited.

6. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

    These rules shall be governed by the laws ofHong Kong Special Administrative Region and shall be subject to non- exclusivejurisdiction of the courts of Hong Kong, governed by the law of Hong Kong.